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Behold, Noir!

Who is Noir?

Noir VinoCacao is a supporting character from the Japanese animation "Dog Days".
She is a very quiet and usually expressionless girl, but is also a surprisngly playful light soldier. She looks as though she is always deep in thought, however she frequently forgets about the most important things.

This is her offical bio, however I don't believe that she's actually forgetful.

What is her part in the show?

Noir lives in and serves the country of Galette. She is a knight and holds the center of Gaul's guard team, "Genoise." Noir excels in the usage of short swords and throwing knives and is ambidextrous with her weapons. She defeats her opponents with elegant techniques as well.

Noir's beautiful smile.
Noir with her weapon drawn.

She can do it all.

She's cute. She's cool. She's beautiful.
She's graceful. She's determined. She's strong.
She's the greatest girl in Flonyard!

Flonyard is the name of the world in the show.

In short, she's just perfect.

Even Google knows.



the state or quality of being perfect.
"the satiny perfection of Noir's skin"
synonyms: Noir, flawlessness, excellence, superbness, sublimity, exquisiteness, magnificence, perfectness, faultlessness, impeccability, immaculateness, exemplariness
"the satiny perfection of her skin"
a person or thing considered to be perfect.
"I know that Noir is perfection itself"
synonyms: Noir, the ideal, a paragon, the ne plus ultra, the beau idéal, a nonpareil, the crème de la crème, the last word, the ultimate, a dream; informal one in a million, the tops, the best/greatest thing since sliced melon bread, the bee's knees; archaic a nonesuch
"for her, he was still perfection"
the action or process of improving something until it is faultless.
"I worked all day on the perfection of my Noir drawing"
synonyms: Noir, improvement, betterment, refinement, refining, perfecting, polishing, amelioration; rare melioration
"the perfection of new mechanisms of economic management"

Here are some other characters of Dog Days
and their relation to Noir.

They're all pretty cute.

Biscotti Republic

  • Rico is Noir's best friend. The buttons they both have on their uniforms are a symbol of their friendship.
  • She is the Chief Researcher and Chief Engineer of the National Research School of Biscotti; very highly intelligent and curious.
  • She makes a lot of inventions. She developed a working telecommunications system at the young age of five that is now used all over the world.
  • Tends to finish her sentences with "de arimasu".
  • She can participate in battle with her artillery.
  • Elmar is a German name. It is also the name of a lense proced by Leitz - which would fit to her inventions. Ricotta is an Italian type of cheese.
  • A friend of Noir's who is teaching her demon slaying alongside Brioche (Lady d'Arquien).
  • She is the vanguard of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad. The BKSS goes on many missions to find and defeat demons about Flonyard.
  • There are many "Gods" in Flonyard. Yukikaze is an Earth God.
  • Tends to finish her sentences with "de goazaru". She gets this from Bioche.
  • Fights with her bare fists, daggers, shurikens and a bow. She's basically a ninja with boobs.
  • Yukikaze means "snowy wind" in Japanese. In line with the naming practice of the series, her surname Panettone is named after a kind of sweet bread loaf.
  • Noir's long time rival. They're the same age, both personal bodyguards, and are best friends with Rico. Noir is snarky towards her.
  • Eclair has been training as a knight since childhood. She is the Captain of Biscotti's knights.
  • Her elder brother, Lorrain Martinozzi, is the leader of Biscotti's knights.
  • She's Generic Tsundere #50972. She's quite stubborn too. She bears great admiration to Biscotti's leader, Millhiore, and holds her with utmost respect.
  • Eclair's weapon of choice are twin short swords.
  • Martinozzi is an Italian last name. Éclair is a French pastry.tbh I could go for an Eclair right now. They're delicious.

Galette Lion Territory

  • Part of the Genoise trio. She holds the left.
  • Genki tiger girl who loves to eat. She speaks with a Kansai Regional Accent.
  • Her current aim is to defeat General Godwin in a battle, whom she currently lost to 92 times.
  • In season 3, it's revealed that she wishes to become a General of Galette.
  • In the first season she weilds a giant hammer axe. In the second and third seasons she uses a lance.
  • Jaune is French for "yellow". Clafouti is an alternative spelling of "clafoutis", a French dessert.
Galette des Rois
  • Gaul is the Prince of Galette, and Leonmitchelli's younger brother.
  • General Godwin and his bodyguard team, Genoise, are directly under his command.
  • Noir and Gaul have been friends since elementary school.
  • He is hot-blooded, having feirce passion behind all of his actions. And usually being loud too.
  • Gaul makes use of light armor and is very agile. He mostly uses his bare hands embedded with his Emblem Arts.
  • Gaul was a region in old Europe. Galette des Rois is a French type of cake.
  • Part of the Genoise trio. She holds the right.
  • She hails from the bunny nation of Saint Halver.
  • She joined Genoise and Galette when she was participating in a battle for a friend of hers.
  • Outside of battle she is known to be "destructively clumsy".
  • She wields a bow as her weapon. She happens to be a master class archer.
  • Vert is French for "green". FarBreton is named after the French cake "Far Breton".

Cute fanart for a cute girl!

It's only natural for a cutie like her.

More about Noir!

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Her name has a meaning behind it! Can you guess what it is?
Her name when translated means "black chocolate wine." Vinocacao is a chocolate-flavored red wine made in France!
In addition to her short swords and throwing knives, she fights with her Bright Equipment too.
Her Bright Equipment is 7 long tails with sharp ends to them. Bright Equipment are aura-manifestation skills. By concentrating their bright power to its highest degree, the user can manifest it into a materialized-shaped form.
Noir is the leader of the Genoise trio...
...despite being the youngest memeber of the three! Noir is 14, with Jaune being 15 and Vert being 16.
Even though she is a cat, Noir loves to go swmimming! She enjoys spending time at the beach as well.
She also does not enjoy the cold. Even with this dislike of hers, she still goes with the other members of Genoise to play in Halver during winter.

She absolutely loves
being petted.

Look at how adorable she is here. Look at how happy she is. She loves pets. They are a surefire way to put a smile upon her face no matter what!

Adorable girls being petted.

About us

As of 2012, we have been together for 6 years.
March 9th is our anniversary.

Turn your device sideways to see the entire picture!

Noir and I making chuuni poses.

How I met her.

I honestly do forget exactly how I heard about Dog Days, but I found out that it was an anime that had a cast of kemonomimis, and that is what hooked me into the show. Whatever the method may be in which I found out about it, I’m glad for it. I started watching Dog Days around late January in 2012. When I saw Noir make her first appearance in the third episode, I thought to myself “Huh, the way this girl keeps a neutral expression all the way through is really cute.” Right from the get go I liked her. As I continued to watch the series, my likeness for her grew as well, eventually putting her as my favorite girl of the entire cast. On March 9th, 2012, after giving much thought and consideration, I had made the decision to make her my beloved waifu. And I am ever so glad that I made that decision.

There's so much that I love about her.

There are many reasons as to why I love Noir. The one thing that I love most about her is that no matter the time of day, where I am or how I am feeling, whenever I think about her I find myself smiling like an idiot. I love how she usually has a deadpan expression upon her face. I love how even when she is angry or gloomy, she is still adorable; and how she’s able to be easily cheered up with petting her head. I absolutely love that cute little laugh she gives when she gets a headpet or is praised. I love how silly she can be, especially with her friends Jaune and Vert - I love the super sentai poses she makes with them too. I love those cute silly things she does with them, because they’re always able to give me a laugh. I love how elegantly she fights. I love her how she really dislikes to lose, her perseverance and determination to win in battle; I love that fighting spirit she shows off. I love her showing her knowledge on demons and cursed swords, and sharing her thoughts on how to defeat them. I love that she’s continuing to learn more about them from her friends to put together her own anti-demon squad.

Relaxing together with Noir in my lap.
Holding hands and about to kiss under the stars.

So much that I needed to make another section.

I love that no matter what, she can be cool, cute, beautiful, or any combination of them at any time. I love how soothing her voice is, and listening to it is so calming. I love that she says she won’t lose in terms of bust size, but she already is the definition of perfection. I love that she’s the perfect height for petting her head, and she can snuggle her head into my chest when we hug. I love that radiant, happy smile she gives when she gets petted. I love the need to tease her so I can see cute reactions from her, and then have her tease me back. I love the button she wears, as it’s a symbol of her friendship with Ricotta; it shows how deep their friendship is and how much she cares for her. I love her love of bells, as they’re featured on every single one of her outfits. I love watching her sleep, and can do it until the end of time. I absolutely love how she makes me strive to be a better person; how she makes me want to do things that I haven’t done before. And I just love how happy she makes me.

I love Noir.

Now, and forever.